Walnut Oil Cream 60ML


Tutti London Walnut Oil Cream is the perfect botanical combination of intensive performance and comfortable texture.

This product works wonders on dehydrated skin and targeting lines and ageing signs.

The formula is a mix of amazing ingredients that act from different sides to re-activate your skin:

– Spilanthes Extract, Pumpkin seeds, Red Raspberry seeds and Macadamia Oil to firm and re-invigorate.

– Frankincense, Geranium and Patchouli to tone and balance.

The star of this formula though is our Pseudo Collagen. This soluble, natural and cruelty-free material that comes from yeast cells, mimics the effect of Collagen and contains a moisturising complex of sugars and proteins that create elasticity and resilience within the skin for a healthy and youthful appearance.