Pomegranate Face Cream 60ML


As part of Tutti London Men’s regime, our Pomegranate Face Cream has an innovative formula packed with Omega Oils and Vitamins to nourish, condition and protect the skin.

Organically produced in the UK, our face cream also contains Marshmallow Root, which helps to relieve skin inflammation, soothing and calming.

The secret weapon of this formula is without a doubt, the Pomegranate. This incredible fruit, originated in Iran, is packed with a ton of great beneficial properties that makes this product an absolute must-have:
– Powerful Antioxidant abilities thanks to the high concentration of fatty acids.
– Cellular Regeneration properties thanks to Keratinocyte skin cells’ stimulation
– Anti-ageing complex thanks to high levels of Vitamin C
– Sun-Damage Protection. Pomegranate can act as a natural sunscreen due to the large quantity of Ellagic Acid, a polyphenol antioxidant great for reversing the harmful effect of UV radiation.

Tutti London’s new men’s range is designed to be functional in a few steps. Choose your favourite products or try the entire regime as a set in our gift box.