About Us

At Tutti London we believe:

*  Life should be fun, full of laughter but above all love!

*  In breaking rules and discovering what makes you tick

*  In counting your blessings and gratitude (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

*  In living your dream and fulfilling your passion

*  The beauty of design is in creating something that is uniquely YOU!

    About Us:

    We were best friends at high school, then life sent us in totally different directions: one of us getting married and raising a family (Julia), and the other moving to North America to study and immerse herself in design (Lynda). We lost touch for thirty years!

    Our Candles:

    Separated by two continents, we reconnected via social media. Long two-hour telephone calls turned from laughter and reminiscence into the seed of an idea for a business partnership. When Lynda returned to the UK that seed flourished into Tutti London, when we had a crazy idea of creating our own candle range. Neither of us had been in business before, and neither of us had a clue how to make candles! But then, a serendipitous meeting led us to the incredible Rebecca, our talented and wonderfully creative chandler. Together the three of us sought nothing less than absolute perfection for Tutti London candles. 

    Two years of research into eco-friendly non-GMO soy waxes, and pure essential oil combinations ensued; followed by the design of our logo and beautiful pink packaging. We were incredibly blessed that Charlotte Posner, a fabulously talented artist, making a name for herself in the world of modern art, agreed to create a bespoke image using her instantly recognizable figures. Our three Tutti girls proudly adorn the sides of our boxes. Hand poured in the UK by Rebecca, our candles are made with love, and we know you will adore them as much as we do!

    Our Vision:

    Although we are best friends, our tastes sometimes differ (Julia has an ongoing relationship with shabby chic and a fascination for designs with skulls, and Lynda loves anything Audrey and Chanel with a bit of BoHo thrown in), but our vision is the same: a commitment to provide you with the highest quality in personal service and product range.

    At its core, Tutti London is an expression of the two of us... and is based on friendship, trust and a love for elegant, playful design that reflects that life should be a celebration.