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Stress-Free Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Enhancing your wellbeing is always a good idea (kudos to you if you’re here reading this!), but sometimes the very thought of getting started can cause us major stress. Not knowing where to begin such a huge, important task is enough for some of us to talk ourselves out of doing it altogether.

But the truth is, it’s all about the little changes we commit to every day that create big results over time, so luckily for you, you actually need to start small. Here are some of our favourite wellbeing tips that you can easily incorporate into your lifesay hi to self-improvement, and bye to stress.

Learn How to Manage Stress

Easier said than done, we know. But learning how to manage stress is one of the best ways to improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around you. We’ve all accidentally snapped at someone when we’ve been frustrated at a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with them before (oops), so by finding a way to handle your stress, you won’t project it onto someone else. But how?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down all the things stressing you out from that gigantic pimple on your forehead to starting a new job, then highlight the things you actuallyhave control over and create action plans for them. You’ll probably be surprised at how many things you give power to that can’t be changed.

 Anything that doesn’t make the cut, mentally throw it in the trash, and then empty it. Imagine that whooshing sound when you empty your desktop trash. Stressing out about things you can’t change only takes away energy that you could be dedicating to solving the things you can control.

Regularly Exercise

 Our next tip to better your mental wellbeing is to peel yourself off the sofa and stop binge-watching a Netflix series to go exercise. Exercise is so much more than having solid abs (but it’s a damn good bonus) as it releases endorphins, aka the happy hormone. The more our body is exposed to these endorphins, the more positive we’ll feel. This will play a huge role in enhancing your wellbeing as your thoughts, actions, and behaviours will be positively influenced when you’re in a better mood.

Harness the Power of Aromatherapy 

Similar to exercising, aromatherapy can also help to improve your wellbeing and boost your mood through a sense of smell without working up such a sweat. Essential oils made from natural plant extracts are used to activate smell receptors, which then go on to send a message to your brain through the nervous system.  

Aromatherapy allows us to target certain areas of our emotional and physical wellbeing depending on the essential oils used during the therapy session. For example, if you’re a bit of a hothead (no judgement), you’d benefit from choosing an essential oil that promotes relaxation and slows down your thoughts like lavender.

Rollerball Oil Gift Box 3 x 10ML - £40

For aromatherapy newbies, Tutti London Rollerball Oils are a great place to start. Simply apply them to your wrists and behind your ears whenever you need an “ahhh” moment. Treat yourself, or someone special who needs some TLC, to this Gift Box featuring 3 Rollerball Oils including Sleep, Balance, and Uplift to get you started on your journey. Warning: Expect to sleep better, become more balanced, and feel uplifted!

Aroma Diffuser - £22

 Made to be used with our 100% pure essential oils Just Breathe and Soothe & Support, Tutti London Aroma Diffuser can turn any room into a safe haven. Whether you want to gather your thoughts for a journaling session, meditate, or set yourself up for a good night’s sleep, this Aroma Diffuser will help you to enhance your wellbeing.

 Aromatherapy Multi-Mineral Bath Salts 170G - £22

 Slap a “do not disturb” sign on your bathroom door and get your self-care on with our Aromatherapy Multi-Mineral Bath Salts. Packed with a whopping 84 minerals and beneficial elements including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc, they’ll ease tensed muscles and balance out your hormones. English lavender and rosemary essential oils will calm the mind and body, so you can slip away into pure bliss.

Have a Digital Detox Every Now and Then 

The thought of always having to be available 24/7 can feel super draining. Even our phones are begging to be put down and charged after a whole day of being on and receiving notifs. When your phone is running low on battery, take it as a sign that you also need a sec to recharge. This is something you can practice daily to better your wellbeing.

Digital detoxes need a little more dedication as they involve putting your phone and anything digital away for an entire day, minimum (not to brag, but I’ve done a week-long digital detox and it felt like a green juice for the soul). This probably isn’t something most people can do during the week with work commitments, but just one weekend day where you sign off every now and then will dramatically improve your wellbeing and quality of life.  

You’ll become less stressed without feeling pressure to reply to messages instantly, more present as you learn the power of here and now, and sleep better without a blue light screen glaring at you all the time.

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