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Scent and Your Mood

Scent and Your Mood

Our moods change for many reasons – daily stresses, hormones, life's irritations and also for good experiences – the warmth of the sun, laughter and satisfaction.

We have learned over the centuries to use fragrance to enhance mood, or to calm us in difficult situations. Herbs and flowers emit heady scents that work with the chemicals in the brain to raise levels of Seratonin – the 'feel good' chemical that we all have; some more than others.

In the 1930's Edward Bach, an English homeopath, developed his now famous Flower Remedies, claiming that they had healing properties when combined with water and brandy, and many people today swear by the use of these tinctures in dealing with various ailments. Whilst there is little evidence to substantiate these claims, I myself have used homeopathic flower and plant remedies, and find them to be calming and soothing, so I do believe in their benefits.

Herbs, plants and flowers have been harnessed in other self-help products such as diffusers, sprays, pulse point roller balls, and of course candles. It is nature and all of our beautiful trees and plants that are key to creating these mood enhancing fragrances, bringing to mind past happy experiences and memories of wonderful times.

We all have our special scents: for me, the woody and heady fragrances evoke such happy memories of my father when I was small; his aftershave, and the smoky mixture of cigars and leather in his car, whilst I also adore floral notes such as orange blossom with a touch of vetiver and sandalwood, which remind me of the perfume my mother has always worn, Je Reviens created by Maurice Blanchet in 1932. One kiss of her cheek and I'm transported back to the comfort and safety of my lovely childhood.

Fragrance is so important to all of us, and Lynda and I are loving this journey of creating our own memories through scent, and learning so much about the effect they can have in our lives.

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