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Our Chandler (Candle-Maker)

Our Chandler (Candle-Maker)

Andalucia, Spain – a place of sunshine, brilliant colours and heady perfumes of jasmine, hibiscus, orange and lemon blossom. It was this magical, colourful, scent-sual place that ignited Rebecca's passion for fragrance and perfumery.

A serendipitous meeting with Rebecca, at the very beginning of our Tutti London journey, led us to create not one, but nine fragrances and three collections, in our fragrance library. Rebecca sources only the highest quality essential oils from all over the world, then hand blends and creates every unique combination we ask of her. She was the chandler we had been searching for, someone who understood our very specific requirements to produce the most scent-sational candles, while maintaining the integrity of our brand - fragrant, ecofriendly, natural and safe.

Using non-GMO soy wax, and an endless list of pure oil combinations we gave her, Rebecca produced hundreds of samples, until we were satisfied with the level and strength of each of the candle fragrances. She has been tirelessly patient with our demands, and has been as excited as us at every stage of our fabulous candles' creation.

We feel truly blessed to have her in our lives, and appreciate her sweet personality and incredible talent.

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