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How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep and Wake Up with Oh-So-Fresh Skin

How to Improve Your Beauty Sleep and Wake Up with Oh-So-Fresh Skin

Have you ever noticed that after just a few nights of good sleep, you can’t help but check your skin out in everything and anything that catches your reflection? We’re talking car wing mirrors, shop windows, and even elevator buttons with no shame whatsoever.  

It turns out Sleeping Beauty was onto something as while we sleep, our skin goes into healing mode to repair and revive the skin, but there’s a catch. The less sleep we get, the less efficient the skin is during this process. For the skin’s cells to perform at their best, 7-9 hours of sleep every night is needed for the full benefits of beauty sleep – a very reasonable excuse for hitting the snooze button.

For those nights where you’re tossing and turning and losing out on precious minutes, try adding our beauty sleep hacks to your bedtime routine for the skin of dreams, but IRL. Ready, set, sleep!

Try a Rollerball Oil

Rollerball oils are a safer option than candles if you don’t trust yourself to blow them out before you fall asleep. Simply apply to pulse points and temples to experience tranquillity and set you up for a good night’s sleep. They’re perfectly safe to leave on your skin as you snooze, so you can fully embrace and sink into the sleepiness.

What’s more, rollerball oils are compact in size and typically hold 10ml so you can take them with you anywhere, including your carry on when you’re travelling abroad if you struggle to get your beauty sleep in different time zones.  

Rollerball Oil – Sleep 10ML - £16

Loaded with lavender oil, Tutti London Rollerball Oil will help to calm the central nervous system and promote slow-wave sleep (or deep sleep) so you can have longer, better quality beauty sleep. Why settle for fewer Z’s than you have to? 

Take a Warm Bath Right Before Bed

In case you needed another reason to run a bubble bath, taking a bath right before you go to bed can help you to have a good night’s sleep. At night our body temperature naturally drops, signalling the production of the sleeping hormone called melatonin. High levels of melatonin in your body let it know it’s time to switch off.

A warm bath before bed will raise your body temperature, but when you leave the tub, it’ll dramatically drop as you cool down. This will kickstart melatonin production sooner, so you’ll feel sleepier earlier and get more beauty sleep.

Sleep Set - £34

Our Sleep Set includes Tutti London Sleep Hand & Body Wash and Sleep Hand & Body Lotion, rich in vitamin E and pure essential lavender oil to elevate your bath time for a good night’s sleep.

Start by squirting 3-5 drops of the body wash into your tub as you run your bath for lavender fragranced bubbles with aromatherapy benefits. Once you’re in, gently lather it on your skin from head to toe. To keep the scent lingering until you fall asleep, apply the body lotion after drying off. 

Thoroughly Cleanse Your Skin

 Falling asleep with your makeup on is never a good idea, but if you really want to improve your beauty sleep, it’s a hard no. Thoroughly cleansing your skin will remove any makeup, dirt, bacteria, and pollution, allowing your skin to breathe whilst you sleep.

When impurities get trapped inside the skin, they can lead to congestion, acne, premature ageing, and dryness, giving your skin more work to do during your beauty sleep. Making sure you cleanse your skin properly will cut down the workload, and let it focus on repairing skin concerns that can’t be fixed with a thorough cleanse such as sun damage.

Cleansing Balm 50G - £24

Lighten your skin’s load without straining yourself with our soft, buttery Cleansing Balm that’ll melt makeup and impurities right off your skin. Formulated with skin-friendly ingredients such as pure essential oils, organic plant extracts, and vitamin E, it’s suitable for each and every skin type, so no one has to miss out on the benefits of beauty sleep.

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