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Four Tips & Tricks to Level Up Your Beard Game


So, you have a pretty nice beard for doing the bare minimum and occasionally splashing it with water when you wash your face, but you want to step it up and have a great beard. Ideally without tripling your morning bathroom time. Say no more, we’ve got you covered with effective, yet low maintenance tips and tricks to transform your average beard into a work of art.

1. Regularly Wash Your Beard

Keeping your beard clean goes without saying, as we like to think if your food goes overboard, you’d take it right out, but this alone just isn’t enough. Sorry guys. One of our most important beard maintenance tips is to regularly wash your facial hair as often as you would the hair on your head.

If you’re still using a dreaded 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner (the horror!), you’re probably thinking about making it a 3-in-1 right about now, but proper beard care calls for a shampoo and conditioner specifically for facial hair.

The skin on your face is totally different to the skin on your scalp and can be easily irritated and strip essential oils, which leads to beardruff. So, for the sake of your beard, leave the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in the past where it belongs.

2. Invest In a Beard Oil

Most men think using a beard oil is optional or for the rare occasions where you have extra time in the morning, when it’s actually essential to a beard maintenance routine if you’re serious about your facial hair.

Beard care is so much more than just its appearance. A solid beard depends on the health of the skin underneath as it plays host to your facial hair. You might not even remember the last time you saw it if you’re not a clean shave kinda guy, but it’s not an outta sight, outta mind situation. Take care of your beard’s environment, and it’ll take care of your beard.

 Beard oils can reach beneath even the thickest of beards to deliver nutrients to the surrounding skin to calm irritation, heal dryness, encourage hair growth, and strengthen facial hairs.

 Patchouli Beard Oil 30ML - £20

Tutti London Patchouli Beard Oil for men contains a mix of high-performing oils to nurture and nourish facial hairs. Cedarwood soothes itchiness, sugar beet brightens the skin, and frankincense reduces the appearance of large pores and blemishes that even a beard can’t hide. Coconut softens wiry beard hairs while petitgrain improves skin texture. It does everything a beard oil should do while enhancing your skincare routine.

 3. Don’t Forget to Trim It

 One day you have a neat, tidy beard, and the next you look like a full-blown caveman in a suit. To have a solid beard maintenance routine, you must keep on top of trimming it. Your facial hair will typically grow at the same pace, so it’s easy to become familiar with when your beard calls for a trim if you pay attention.

Make a mental note (or write it down if your memory sucks) of when you trimmed your beard and roughly how many days/weeks it takes until you need to reach for your shaver again. This way you’ll always be one step ahead of your facial hair and jump in just before things get wild.

4. Comb Your Facial Hairs Daily

Yup, every. Single. Day. Finding the time to care for your beard daily will not only make you feel like you really have your life together (only super organised gents comb their beards daily), but it’ll also stimulate blood flow to the facial hair follicles and encourage growth for a fuller, thicker beard.


Plus, combing your facial hair just after applying a beard oil will help to distribute the formula evenly through your entire beard for better results.




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