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6 Mother’s Day Gifts New Mums Will Obsess Over

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your friend, sister, partner, or even colleague that’s just had a baby in time for Mother’s Day, you’re exactly where you need to be. When you don't know what to get a new mum, you're probably guilty of playing it safe and showing up with more gifts for the baby.

Even though these gifts are useful (because you can never have enough nappies), you also want to treat their mums - they're the ones who just gave birth after all. So, we’ve created a short and sweet list of the top 6Mother’s Day gifts for new mums with goodies to spoil them both.

1.     Non-GMO Candle - Sleep 120G - £22 

New mum = no sleep. We don't make the rules. We’re kicking off our Mother's Day gift guide with a non-GMO soy wax candle infused with lavender oil to relax your mind and body, so you can fall into a deep sleep while it’s your hubby’s turn to be on baby watch. Formulated with soy wax for a clean burn, and a subtle scent that won't overpower your home, our candle is kinder to you and your baby – talk about athoughtful gift!

2.     Tutti Baby Gift Box Set - £45

 If she’s determined not to sacrifice luxuries as a new mum, even when it comes to baby products, the Tutti Baby Gift Box Set was basically made for her. In this luxurious gift box, you’ll discover a selection of first Mother’s Day gifts including Tutti London Muslin Cloths (pack of 2), Organic Baby Wash Fragranced 200ML, Organic Baby Wash Unfragranced 200ML, and Organic Nappy Balm 50G. Each product is beautifully packaged with neutral tones to be displayed, so you don’t have to panic and hide them anywhere they’ll fit when you have visitors. As fun as it is trying to find them again when your guests leave, you’d probably rather nap instead. 

3.     Uplift Hand & Body Lotion – 200ML - £18

 Our Uplift Hand & Body Lotion is ideal for hardworking hands that haven’t stopped moving since having a baby. This thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift also doubles up as a body lotion, so the goodness doesn't have to stop at the hands. Geranium, rosewood, and rosemary essential oils nourish your skin and lift your mood, so you're ready for whatever surprises your little one has in store. 

4.     Tutti Baby Organic Baby Wash Fragranced 200ML - £15

You know how we always say it's "as soft as baby's skin" for anything that's seriously soft? Well, to keep your baby’s skin oh-so-soft, you’ll want to use a baby wash that softens the skin whilst locking in moisture. Next up in our selection of Mother’s Day gifts for new mums is our Organic Baby Wash Fragranced with myrrh, which does exactly that. The gentle formula melts into the skin, making bath time easier and more enjoyable for you both. 

5.     Rose Face Oil - £45

 Sure, roses are nice, but when she’s got a million (no exaggeration) other things to do as a new mum, topping up the water in the vase will be low on her priority list. So, one of our favourite first Mother’s Day gifts is Tutti London Rose Face Oil. In a pretty pink and gold bottle, that she can admire for a lot longer than a bouquet of roses, is pure rose absolute extract, bisabolol, and marshmallow root. This combination of ingredients soothes, clears, nourishes, and helps fight wrinkles on all skin types. As it tackles multiple skin concerns in just one formula, you’ll score double points with new mums short on time (so, like, all of them!). 

6.     Rose Edit Gift Set - £85 

Our Rose Edit Gift Set is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for new mums in need of TLC who aren’t quite ready to step into the real world for a facial. Using Tutti London Rose Face Wash, Toner, Face Oil, and Rose Quartz Gua Sha, you can create a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home, just meters from your baby's crib - no withdrawals necessary!

As someone new to motherhood, you’ll be glad to hear your skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective, as juggling an 11-step skincare routine with a baby in your hands isn’t exactly ideal. With our Rose Edit Gift Set, you can beautify your skin in only 4 steps all before your baby wakes up. Sometimes less ismore.


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