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5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Skin Barrier

Beautiful skin begins with taking care of your skin’s barrier. Without a strong protective barrier between your inner layers of skin and environmental stressors such as UV rays, pollution, and bacteria, everything else you do will be in vain. So, you know, it’s a pretty big deal. 

But how do you know if you have a healthy skin barrier or not? We’re glad you asked. Basically, whenever your skin is acting out, you can consider your skin’s barrier compromised. Dry skin, acne, irritation, and itchiness are all common signs to look out for.  

Whether you’ve experienced these symptoms before or not, it’s a good idea to strengthen your skin’s barrier as it doesn’t get a weekend off to party like we do. Protecting your skin is a full-time job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning it’s always at risk. So, here are our top 5 ways to help maintain a healthy skin barrier that’ll preserve all your hard work.

1. Use a Gentle Face Wash

 Using a harsh face wash will strip your skin of natural oils that help to keep it moisturised and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Now, you may not be a fan of oils (shoutout to oily skin types!), but without them, moisture levels will dramatically drop, and the skin will become dry and irritated – aka a weakened skin barrier.

Rose Face Wash - £18 

Tutti London Rose Face Wash is one of our favourite products to strengthen the skin’s barrier as it heals and prevents future damage. Rose and neroli waters soothe irritation, reduce redness, and treat infections, while their antioxidant properties protect skin cells and regenerate skin tissues over time. It also features papaya extracts, a natural exfoliant, for gentle daily exfoliation to bring newer, stronger skin cells to the surface and fortify a healthy skin barrier.

2. Avoid Hot Showers and Finish with Cool Water  

Taking hot showers is a sure way to wash off those natural oils we just talked about. So, to strengthen your skin’s barrier, opt for a lukewarm shower followed by cool water at the end. Hear us out, even if you just shivered on the spot.

As we shower, the warmth opens our pores, which allows us to give them a deeper clean. But before you jump out of the shower, you’ll want to close your pores again, otherwise, they’ll attract all kinds of bad bacteria which can compromise the skin’s barrier. Repeat after us: “A cold rinse a day will keep the bacteria away”.

3. Quit the Aggressive Towel Drying

We get it, if you have a thorough skincare routine (and we hope that you do), you might want to speed it up, especially if you’re that late friend. But rubbing and tugging at your skin full speed ahead after it’s just been cleansed and/or exfoliated can easily irritate the skin. 

To maintain a healthy skin barrier, you should gently pat a soft cloth onto your skin until it’s fully dry to avoid unnecessary friction

Tutti London Muslin Cloths (Pack of 2) - £8

Tutti London Muslin Cloths are made of the highest quality organic cotton to cuddle your skin with softness. After the very first use, you’ll no longer be in a rush to skip to the next step as you slow down to enjoy the act of drying your face with our cloud-like muslin cloths. *Texts friends to say you’re going to be even later*. 

 4. Swap Your Moisturiser for a Face Cream

Dry skin is vulnerable skin, so to achieve a healthy skin barrier, moisturising the skin is essential. You probably already have a moisturiser, but we recommend switching it out for a face cream instead. Creams have a thicker consistency and form a tougher shield across the skin to better hold onto moisture and prevent water loss throughout the day.  

Walnut Oil Cream 60ML - £32

With our Walnut Oil Cream, you can finally kiss goodbye to dry flakes and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Craved by seriously dry skin, this face cream is loaded with long-lasting moisture that won’t budge no matter your plans.

The strengthening formula features walnut and macadamia oils to hydrate the skin, minimise water loss, and protect against environmental stress. Plus, spilanthes extract, pumpkin and red raspberry seeds combined with pseudo collagen work to tighten and firm the skin whilst supporting collagen production.

5. Massage Your Face

Yup, you can really massage your way to a healthy skin barrier. But how? Well, a facial massage boosts blood circulation. By increasing blood circulation in the face, more essential nutrients can reach the skin’s cells, strengthening the skin’s barrier from the inside out. 

Gua Sha In Rose Quartz - £21

Every skincare routine calls for a cutesy, heart-shaped facial massage tool. Tutti London Gua Sha is made from the highest quality rose quartz for ultimate relaxation. Sculpted to fit any face shape, it’ll boost circulation, sculpt and tone the face, and help to drain toxins from the skin (known as lymphatic drainage if you’re feeling fancy).

Bonus Tip: Use our Gua Sha with our Walnut Oil Serum to ease friction and increase product absorption.


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