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Four Ways A Daily Skincare Routine Can Benefit Your Mental Health

In case you were looking for another reason to obsess over skincare, having a daily skincare routine can also help to improve your mental health, and it goes a lot deeper than the obvious mood boost when your latest skincare order arrives at your front door. Here are 4 reasons why committing to a skincare routine is like committing to a new and improved version of yourself (with better skin).  

Increases Confidence

Building confidence is one of the best ways to improve your mental health as research shows that confident people value themselves more, and as a result, they’re more likely to make wiser decisions that benefit their lives more positively. This basically means if you have a lotta self-worth, you’re unlikely to settle for less than you feel you deserve.  

A daily skincare routine can help to improve confidence by beautifying the skin. You’re so much more than the appearance of your skin. We repeat, you. Are. Not. Your. Skin. But we can’t help but feel better about ourselves when our skin is on top form. We can all agree that a pimple-free day is always a good day.  

Prevents Overthinking

Sometimes overthinking is harmless, like when you’re fantasising over a hot, mysterious stranger on the tube that you wished you’d said hi to (if it should’ve been, it would’ve been). And other times it can negatively affect our mental health if we focus too much on the things we can’t control outside the present moment. These thoughts are more likely to occur early in the morning and late at night when we’re most vulnerable. But, as luck would have it, these are the exact times of day a skincare routine is recommended and makes the perfect distraction to keep you grounded.  

Reduces the Chances of Burnout by Encouraging Regular Self-Care

Constantly living your life at full speed ahead is sure to leave you feeling burnt out. Burnout is a state of extreme exhaustion – think physical, emotional, and mental fatigue from not giving yourself the rest you need. But the problem with burnout is that many people don’t realise it’s happening until they’re already feeling burnt out, which makes it harder to bounce back from.

A solid skincare routine can help prevent burnout and improveyour mental health by encouraging you to slow down daily with small acts of self-love. Just 15 minutes every AM and PM to slather your skin in goodness will communicate to your body that you care and appreciate it, whilst giving yourself a chance to breathe within the chaos. It’s just you and your favourite Walnut Oil Serum bonding in peace. *Takes much-needed deep breath*.

Keeps You in Check with A Routine  

People who follow a routine are generally less stressed than those who don’t, as they give you a sense of control and increase productivity levels. Now, you don’t need to plan out your entire day to the exact minute to consider it a routine. Holding yourself accountable to a morning and evening skincare routine will help you to reduce feelings of stress and maintain better mental health in the long run.  

Tutti London Skincare Favourites:

Rose Face Oil - £45.00

The ultimate soothing and nourishing facial oil with pure rose absolute extract, bisabolol, and marshmallow root. Regular use will prevent blemishes and premature ageing, whilst brightening the skin. For skin prone to dryness, it helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier and retain moisture for seriously glowy skin.  

Cleansing Balm 50G - £24.00

Our beautifully buttery Cleansing Balm removes makeup and impurities with ease – no more red, irritated faces around here! Formulated with pure essential oils, organic plant extracts, and vitamin E, every inch of your skin will feel healthy and hydrated. For an extra something-something, try it as a face mask by leaving it on the skin for 10-15 minutes before washing it off.

Walnut Oil Cream 60ML - £32.00

To top up collagen levels in the skin, Tutti London Walnut Oil Cream features a natural, cruelty-free alternative derived from yeast cells to mimic the effects of collagen. Pseudo collagen combined with spilanthes extract, pumpkin and red raspberry seeds, and macadamia oil work to firm, plump, and hydrate the skin without a greasy finish that blocks pores (not today, pimples).


Browse our website to discover the full skincare collection at Tutti London.


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Here’s What Happens to The Skin on A Flight and How to Prevent It

Here’s What Happens to The Skin on A Flight and How to Prevent It 

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re about to jump on a plane (the rush when shopping for new skincare comes in at a close second). You can finally put your feet up and turn on OOO after weeks of holiday prep from itineraries to bikini waxes, but one thing almost all of us forget to add to our checklist is a travel skincare routine. And yes, it’s totally different from the one you have when you’re not at 30,000 feet.

 Air travel puts a lot of stress on our skin from drying it out to swelling it up (we’ll get to that in a sec), but a travel-friendly skincare routine can save your skin from going chaotic in the cabin. You’ve probably seen that girl whip out what seems like her entire bathroom cabinet onboard and thought she was so extra, but it’s actually just the fundamentals of flying. So, as promised, here’s exactly what happens to your skin whilstairborne and how to avoid it.

The Humidity in The Air Significantly Drops

When we fly, the humidity in the cabin drops to roughly 20% (eek!), meaning our skin is almost guaranteed to become dry after travelling as it’s stripped of moisture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a long-haul flight either. Just an hour or two exposed to low humidity air is enough to cause dry, dehydrated skin by the time you arrive, so it’s important to prioritise moisture in your travel skincare routine.

Rose Face Oil - £45.00

 Super-soothing and packed with hydration, our Rose Face Oil featuring pure rose absolute extract, bisabolol, and marshmallow root will calm any irritation during your flight and prevent moisture loss. With Rose Face Oil as part of your cabin crew, dry, dehydrated skin won’t be crossing the border with you.

Sleep Hand & Body Lotion 200ML - £18.00

One of our best travel skincare tips is to apply Tutti London Sleep Hand and Body Lotion before you head to the airport to create a long-lasting barrier between your skin and the low humidity air to stop moisture from escaping. This makes it ideal for long-haul flights when you’re asleep and can’t feel your skin becoming dry and dehydrated.  

But our favourite part? It also features pure essential lavender oil, so when there’s a crying baby, someone who insists on using the reading light (which might as well be a strobe light), or you just weren’t made to sleep upright, you’ll fall asleep easier and wake up feeling refreshed. Like you slept on a horizontal bed type of fresh.

UV Rays Are More Harmful Above Clouds

If your flight is at any time during the day, we highly recommend including an SPF 50 sunscreen in your travel skincare routine as you’re so much closer to the sun where UV rays can do more harm to the skin. Because of this, it’s also a good idea to load up on antioxidants to neutralise free radical damage.

Rose Face Wash - £18.00

Tutti London Rose Face Wash will help to protect your skin from sun damage whether you’re in the air or on the ground. Featuring rose and neroli waters loaded with antioxidants, you’ll want to use it pre- and post-air travel to continue to defend your skin against free radicals as you spend more time in the sun on holiday.

Considering that almost 50% of the air on an airplane is recycled, run, don’t walk to the hotel bathroom to wash your face after check-in. Papaya extract will clear your pores from bacteria, oil, and sweat, while cucumber extract hydrates and revitalises the skin.  

Facial Swelling Can Occur in High Altitude

The high altitude can disrupt your lymphatic system and cause it to slow down, making it harder to distribute fluids throughout the body and build up in one area. To avoid puffiness, a facial roller is a skincare tool you won’t want to board an airplane without. Lightly rolling fluid away from your face and towards the lymph nodes will help to speed up the process and prevent facial swelling.

Face Roller - £24.00

If you’re prone to puffiness and convinced you go up a shoe size every time you step off a plane, our Face Roller is essential to take care of your face whilst travelling. Made from a beautiful emerald green stone that comes with a luxurious drawstring bag, you’ll feel like you’re in first class even if you aren’t.

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Stress-Free Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Enhancing your wellbeing is always a good idea (kudos to you if you’re here reading this!), but sometimes the very thought of getting started can cause us major stress. Not knowing where to begin such a huge, important task is enough for some of us to talk ourselves out of doing it altogether.

But the truth is, it’s all about the little changes we commit to every day that create big results over time, so luckily for you, you actually need to start small. Here are some of our favourite wellbeing tips that you can easily incorporate into your lifesay hi to self-improvement, and bye to stress.

Learn How to Manage Stress

Easier said than done, we know. But learning how to manage stress is one of the best ways to improve your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others around you. We’ve all accidentally snapped at someone when we’ve been frustrated at a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with them before (oops), so by finding a way to handle your stress, you won’t project it onto someone else. But how?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down all the things stressing you out from that gigantic pimple on your forehead to starting a new job, then highlight the things you actuallyhave control over and create action plans for them. You’ll probably be surprised at how many things you give power to that can’t be changed.

 Anything that doesn’t make the cut, mentally throw it in the trash, and then empty it. Imagine that whooshing sound when you empty your desktop trash. Stressing out about things you can’t change only takes away energy that you could be dedicating to solving the things you can control.

Regularly Exercise

 Our next tip to better your mental wellbeing is to peel yourself off the sofa and stop binge-watching a Netflix series to go exercise. Exercise is so much more than having solid abs (but it’s a damn good bonus) as it releases endorphins, aka the happy hormone. The more our body is exposed to these endorphins, the more positive we’ll feel. This will play a huge role in enhancing your wellbeing as your thoughts, actions, and behaviours will be positively influenced when you’re in a better mood.

Harness the Power of Aromatherapy 

Similar to exercising, aromatherapy can also help to improve your wellbeing and boost your mood through a sense of smell without working up such a sweat. Essential oils made from natural plant extracts are used to activate smell receptors, which then go on to send a message to your brain through the nervous system.  

Aromatherapy allows us to target certain areas of our emotional and physical wellbeing depending on the essential oils used during the therapy session. For example, if you’re a bit of a hothead (no judgement), you’d benefit from choosing an essential oil that promotes relaxation and slows down your thoughts like lavender.

Rollerball Oil Gift Box 3 x 10ML - £40

For aromatherapy newbies, Tutti London Rollerball Oils are a great place to start. Simply apply them to your wrists and behind your ears whenever you need an “ahhh” moment. Treat yourself, or someone special who needs some TLC, to this Gift Box featuring 3 Rollerball Oils including Sleep, Balance, and Uplift to get you started on your journey. Warning: Expect to sleep better, become more balanced, and feel uplifted!

Aroma Diffuser - £22

 Made to be used with our 100% pure essential oils Just Breathe and Soothe & Support, Tutti London Aroma Diffuser can turn any room into a safe haven. Whether you want to gather your thoughts for a journaling session, meditate, or set yourself up for a good night’s sleep, this Aroma Diffuser will help you to enhance your wellbeing.

 Aromatherapy Multi-Mineral Bath Salts 170G - £22

 Slap a “do not disturb” sign on your bathroom door and get your self-care on with our Aromatherapy Multi-Mineral Bath Salts. Packed with a whopping 84 minerals and beneficial elements including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc, they’ll ease tensed muscles and balance out your hormones. English lavender and rosemary essential oils will calm the mind and body, so you can slip away into pure bliss.

Have a Digital Detox Every Now and Then 

The thought of always having to be available 24/7 can feel super draining. Even our phones are begging to be put down and charged after a whole day of being on and receiving notifs. When your phone is running low on battery, take it as a sign that you also need a sec to recharge. This is something you can practice daily to better your wellbeing.

Digital detoxes need a little more dedication as they involve putting your phone and anything digital away for an entire day, minimum (not to brag, but I’ve done a week-long digital detox and it felt like a green juice for the soul). This probably isn’t something most people can do during the week with work commitments, but just one weekend day where you sign off every now and then will dramatically improve your wellbeing and quality of life.  

You’ll become less stressed without feeling pressure to reply to messages instantly, more present as you learn the power of here and now, and sleep better without a blue light screen glaring at you all the time.

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